Easily find your perfect workout video

Stop fumbling through YouTube trying to find the right workout video for you.

Host Online Workouts

Fitcasts uses Google Hangout (similar to Skype) to let you interact and workout with up to 9 of your friends while watching the same exercise video.


Search Easily

Stop stumbling through YouTube and other sites trying to find the right workout routine for you. Fitcasts’ unique search engine makes it easy for you to quickly find workout videos relevant to your needs and desires.


Find the Right Video

No matter your fitness level, athletic background, or exercise goals, Fitcasts ensures there’s something for everyone with its 700+ workout videos.

Create a Program

Generate a custom workout plan tailored to your lifestyle needs and fitness goals or choose to use one of the many preexisting programs. Share your program using Facebook and Twitter and get your friends to use your program.


Track Your Progress

Our ultimate objective is to help you achieve your fitness goals and make you a healthier person. We provide you with multiple tools to help you track your weight, calories burned, Body Mass Index, and Basal Metabolic Rate.


Save Videos

Enjoy a video and want to save it for later? No problem. Simply favorite it in order to save it to your profile for later use.

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